Our providers

Our providers

Our 40+ years in the industry has given us the ability to
lead the way in caring for drivers and businesses.
Find out about our journey.

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Our 40+ years in the industry has given us the ability to lead the way in caring for drivers and businesses. Find out about our journey.
Need Help? Call 1800 827 747

About us - Our providers

Our 40+ years in the industry has enabled us to develop and expand on our existing relationships with industry to develop strong and reliable repair, dealer and towing networks. Since the start of Truck Assist 10 years ago, we have worked to expand our network and relationships to include ancillary services. This expansion of relationships was a natural progression of what we were doing in the industry. Not only has this led to positive outcomes for our customers but, we have also enhanced the businesses of these service providers and attempted to create as much opportunity in the industry as possible.

Our Provider Philosophy

We believe that the success of our product is based on the professionalism of our service providers and their investment in people and equipment. We aim to create strategic partnerships with like-minded businesses whose values and philosophies match our own. At Truck Assist we ensure all Service Providers follow our guidelines for engagement. These guidelines outline not only how we at Truck Assist promise to engage with them as Providers and with our Customers but also how we expect them to interact with you.  

The general principle is to promote transparent, informed, effective and cooperative relationships between Truck Assist operations, its Service Providers and Customers based on mutual respect and open communication. We agree to observe high standards of honesty, integrity and to act in good faith when conducting business with each other and in the provision of services to our customers.

In addition, our Service Providers agree to follow NTI’s values when representing the Truck Assist brand. These values are:

  • Honesty and integrity
  • Respect for others
  • Responsibility for outcomes
  • A bias for action
  • Staying close to the customer

The Provider Promise

In addition to following our philosophy and values, Service Providers have also made a promise to Truck Assist regarding conduct in the supply of service, behaviours at the roadside and safety.

In the supply of service, our Providers will:

  • Use their best efforts when providing services to Truck Assist;
  • Utilise technicians that have sufficient experience and expertise;
  • Use equipment at such a level to provide the services in a competent manner;
  • Ensure that it complies with all Laws and Regulations;
  • Supply the Services with the standard of care, skill, judgment and diligence of a competent contractor;
  • Take all steps required to protect people and property;
  • Comply with all relevant Laws and Regulations relating to the preservation or protection of the environment.

Service Providers are expected to demonstrate a professional attitude at the roadside. They are asked to:

  • Demonstrate respect for the Truck Assist Customer
  • Wear appropriate attire that meets safety standards (i.e. safety vests, boots etc.)
  • Ensure they  present themselves clean and in well maintained equipment (i.e. vehicle, ancillaries)
  • Ensure that they do not use language that may be considered offensive of inappropriate;
  • Do not comment or judgments on the vehicle fault cause and/or frequency of breakdown.

It is expected that Service Providers will carry out a site assessment to ensure safe working conditions for themselves and the general public when they arrive at the roadside. They must be aware of and consider Hazardous Material or Dangerous Goods that are being transported at all times when providing roadside assistance.

 Our Service Providers must comply with Workplace Health & Safety Laws/Regulations and their employees must be adequately trained and kept up to date with changes to safety standards. Service Providers must notify Truck Assist as soon as practicable of any injury or incident where the health and safety or any person is put at risk, including near misses.

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