Driving in the heat


Tips to Keep on Truckin’ in the Heat

There is no doubt that Australia has some of the best weather on the globe – but if heat isn’t your thing, check out some simple ways to avoid both you and your vehicle experiencing heat-related breakdowns during what feels like an endless Summer: 


  1. Keep Hydrated: Make sure you drink plenty of water, and have a store on hand in your vehicle too. Being caught roadside in sweltering heat can feel like eternity, especially if you’re in a remote area.

  2. Keep your salts up: If your work is particularly strenuous, make sure you top up electrolytes too, as water isn’t the only thing your body is robbed of via perspiration.

  3. Check Your Battery: While your truck isn’t a living thing, trust us – it feels the heat, and consistently raised temperatures increase the strain on your battery. Check your battery accordingly, depending on the type you have and be sure to keep terminals free from corrosion, the connections secure and minimise vibration.

  4. Fuel, Oil and other Fluids: We are all guilty of it at times, but try to avoid letting your fuel tank run on empty. This is even more important in extreme weather, as your truck is under increased stress. Likewise with other liquids, heat puts demand on all your trucks components so be sure all fluid levels are at manufactures’ recommended levels and meet manufacturers specifications to keep your truck performing at optimum level.

  5. Tyres: Correct tyre inflation is very important. Under-inflated tyres increases tyre deflection– which causes heat to build up. Likewise over-inflation causes excessive heat and potential case damage. Hot weather exasperates this problem making incorrectly inflated tyres prone to failure. Review the tread too; if they are close to needing replacement, it’s best to be safe and make the investment.

  6. Prevention Vs Cure: Stay on top of your preventative maintenance. It’s important to make sure the essentials of your vehicle are maintained to avoid expense and inconvenience ‘down the road’.

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